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The principle of free speech which is enshrined at the very top of the U.S Constitution has been tampered with and doctored. Of course this is not necessarily news, as this tinkering and meddling has been going on for some years, but a recent leak from the Pentagon says the that the Bush inner circle have put a name to this infamous ‘amendment on the amendment’ calling it “Clause 9-11.”

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The Axis Of Dissent ... Rogue Journalists and Other Subversives .

Michael Moore "Stupid White Men" and Noam Chomsky "9-11" in the best-seller lists show that dissent is alive and well in the USA ... we know this, we always knew this, but as Chomsky says it still needs to be 'shouted from the rooftop....[read more]

Drugs & Terrorists - Crap Detector Alert!

For years, now, the government has been waging the so-called "war on drugs" in the country, which has brought forward most of the very worst in government.......[read more]

Democracy - Who is she when she's at home?
by Arundhati Roy

Last night a friend from Baroda called. Weeping. It took her fifteen minutes to tell me what the matter was. It wasn't very complicated. Only that Sayeeda, a friend of hers, had been caught by a mob. Only that her stomach had been ripped open and stuffed with burning rags. Only that after she died, someone carved 'OM' on her forehead. Precisely which Hindu scripture preaches this?....[read more]

US asks: just what did Bush know (before September 11th?)

For the first time yesterday, the September 11 attacks became the focus of a heated political debate in the US as Democrats questioned whether the White House had failed to act on a series of clues that a devastating, airborne onslaught was imminent.

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How to turn the base metal of bad publicity into the gold of the renewed calls to attack Iraq (and whoever is on the list after them) by George W. Bush and the Alchemists

The Black Propaganda Unit set up by the Pentagon earlier this year and then promptly disowned and denied a week later (as if to demonstrate its capabilities on the world stage of mainstream news) has been working overtime these last few days ... after suffering its first bout of serious mainstream criticism since September 11th - over the revelations that of various clues had been floating around pre-9-11 pointing to some form of terrorist attack upon the USA - the Bush team has gone into overdrive on the counter-offensive.....[read more]

Business as usual in New York

The US government has issued a high terror alert but people are calmly dismissing it as a ruse to mute criticism, writes Oliver Burkeman
The Guardian - Thursday May 23, 2002

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Mayday Around The World - Special Report

The tradition of annual Mayday protests continues to grow ... it is a time when the even liberal news media show their allegiance to the establishment by talking up the violence and talking down the numbers of protestors on the streets. Of course the ‘liberal interventionists’ who were so gung-ho to support George W. Bush’s carpet bombing of Afghanistan are the same journalists who would rather ridicule and belittle anti-globalization demonstrators for their hairstyles rather than actually consider the politics of resistance.....[read more]

Organizers of today's demo claim largest showing of solidarity with Palestinians in U.S. history


by Andrew Kennis (w/help by John Tarleton & Zoe) updated 3:28am Mon Apr 22 '02

Organizers of today's national mobilization proclaimed it to be the largest showing of solidarity with Palestinians in U.S. history. The 75,000-100,000 protesters touched on a wide array of issues, but the day's events were dominated by concerns about recent fighting in the West Bank and the future of Palestine.

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France relieved to discover it is not a fascist country after all

Independent - Mary Dejevsky in Béziers, France.
06 May 2002

The massive vote for President Chirac yesterday gives him the biggest electoral mandate that any French President has enjoyed; but his victory must be tempered by the fact that the majority was less for him and his Gaullist party than against the extreme right.

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Neo-Nazi wins through to second round of presidential elections in France

Jean Marie Le Pen, who has infamously described the Nazi Holocaust as a "detail of history", unexpectedly beat the socialist candidate to claim a place in the final run-off for the French presidential election. He will be head to head in the two horse race with the current centre right President Jaques Chirac on Sunday May 7th ....[read more]

Give the fascist man a gunshot: “Dutch far-right leader shot dead”

The leading far-right politician in the Netherlands was shot dead yesterday, nine days before elections that were expected to sweep his party into government.

Pim Fortuyn, an openly gay former sociology professor who was contesting the elections for the first time, was fatally wounded by a gunman on the steps of the Hilversum media centre after taping an interview.

Independent - By Isobel Conway in Amsterdam
07 May ....[read more]

‘9-11’ reasons why? (part one) - Noam Chomsky on the U.S.A’s own brand of “international terrorism.”

Part One in the ongoing series of essays and comments looking at the underlying reasons why people would be motivated to attack the USA ... In videos broadacst since 9-11 Osama bin Laden has stated that the attacks were justified to bring some of the misery to the USA that it has inflicted on other parts of the world. This is not something that can simply be ignored. Below Noam Chomsky sheds some light on the US government’s own terrorist activities around the world ...

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'9-11' reasons why? (part two) Nick Cohen tells us about U.S. military dominance of the planet

In an ongoing series of writings and articles on this page we look at underlying reasons why people would be motivated to attack the USA. Controlling oil supplies is often cited as the number one reason for the involvement of the U.S. war machine in the wider world. Here Nik Cohen asks the question of wether oil is only an excuse for the US government to maintain its prescence in the Middle East? Is there a deeper and much darker agenda at work. Apparently so, if the secret ramblings of Paul Wolfowitz are anything to go by. Welcome to the world of perpetual war where the fundamental existence of the US war machine relies on it being heavily involved in every nook and cranny on the planet

... ....[read more]

'9-11' reasons why? (part three) Gore Vidal on U.S imperialism and 'why they hate us?'

I this ongoing series Gore Vidal digs deep behind the window dressing of the 'war on terror' and uncovers some uncomfortable home truths which don't make the headline media

... ....[read more]

American navy 'helped Venezuelan coup'

The United States had been considering a coup to overthrow the elected Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, since last June, a former US intelligence officer claimed yesterday. It is also alleged that the US navy aided the abortive coup which took place in Venezuela on April 11 with intelligence from its vessels in the Caribbean. Evidence is also emerging of US financial backing for key participants in the coup.

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The Attempted U.S. approved) Coup In Venezuela?

It seems very likely that the US government were linked at some level to the abortive coup against Venezuela's President Hugo Chaves April 12th 2002. The New York Times with said yesterday that senior Bush officials had met leaders of the business and military behind the coup several times, and agreed that the controversial and populist Mr Chavez should be removed from power. The coup did not even last a full 24 hours and Chavez was restored, but not before both Bush and Tony Blair had rushed to welcome the interim goverment with all its inherent abuse of democracy

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More on Venezuela: Be very afraid of Otto Reich

More news coming to light about the attempted coup in Venezuela. 21st April 2002 The Observer newspaper (UK) quoting diplomatic sources in Washington revealed that not only was the Bush government aware that the coup was being planned but believing it would be successful, and in line with US government desires, they gave it their blessing. The Venezuelans responsible for the coup, including Pedro Carmona who seized power, albeit briefly, visited Washington earlier this year, and were “received at the White House by the man President George Bush tasked to be his key policy-maker for Latin America, Otto Reich.” ....[read more]

School of The Americas ... sound cosy? It is actually the U.S. government’s own terrorist training camp based in sleepy Fort Benning Georgia

George Monbiot details the bloodied history of the School of the Americas and below SOA Watch reveal that graduates from the School were instrumental in the attempted coup in Venezuela

....[read more]

Sharon gives succour to Saddam

Israel's obstruction of the UN team set to investigate the attack on Jenin has given support to the Iraqi dictator, who has used the same tactics with weapons inspectors for years, writes Brian Whitaker

Brian Whitaker
Monday April 29, 2002 - The Guardian

....[read more]

Once upon a time in Jenin

What really happened when Israeli forces went into Jenin? Just as the world is giving up hope of learning the truth, Justin Huggler and Phil Reeves have unearthed compelling evidence of an atrocity

25 April 2002

....[read more]

U.S. Arms to Israel Versus Suicide Bombers

To date (May 9th 2002) since the current intifada began in September 2000 1539 Palestinians have been killed and 441 Israeli’s. Israel has a modern fully equipped fighting army (not to mention 200 nuclear warheads pointed at Arab capitals) Below Frida Berrigan and William D. Hartung detail the parts of the Israeli army that were supplied by the US government. Whilst these casualty figures denote the military superiority of the Israelis, rightly or wrongly the recent suicide bombing demonstrated that for all its weaponry Ariel Sharon’s army have not succeeded in halting the suicide bombers.....[read more]

Indymedia in action - a true story of challenging mainstream media bias

When the Israeli tanks rolled into Bethlehem, the only organisation left behind to report was a fledgling DIY news website. But that was enough.
Rachel Shabi Guardian Unlimited Monday April 15, 2002

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Sharon's best weapon

Naomi Klein - Thursday April 25, 2002

Anti-semitism sustains Israel's brutal leader - the fight against it must be reclaimed

Something new happened in Washington DC last weekend. A demonstration against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund was joined by an anti-war march, as well as a demonstration against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. In the end, all the marches merged into what organisers described as the largest Palestinian solidarity demonstration in US history (75,000 people by police estimates). ....[read more]

Jewish Manifesto: Sharon is Israel’s Worst Enemy

Many of us who have initiated and signed this manifesto lost family members during the Second World War. They died in concentration camps or perished in the mass graves of Eastern Europe. Often they had to dig their own graves before being catapulted into them. Others of us are survivors of Nazi persecution.

....[read more]

New York Times versus
Two startlingly different accounts of what has been going on in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank. Is this a picture of how things might be reported in future, with people on the ground providing their own on-line news service, whilst the media giants continue to simply re-write and echo the Israeli (and US) government's preferred official line....[read more]

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