Saturday, June 01, 2002

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Exclusive to (until some one passes it along) film director Alex Cox (“Repo Man,” “Sid and Nancy,” “The Winner,” “Revenger’s Tragedy” etc.) writes about Queen Elizabeth‘s Golden Jubilee in Britain.
(This article was commissioned by Sunday newspaper The Observer in the UK but they chose not to publish it!)

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The London Film-makers Co-op
The London Film-makers' Co-op used Hoovers, rubber bands and passion to make avant-garde classics.

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Samira Makhmalbaf - young Iranian woman film director
Biography for Samira Makhmalbaf

Born in Tehran in 1979, Samira is the daughter of Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf. She got her first taste of the cinema when she was eight,....[read more]

Shane Meadows -'Twenty Four-Seven' and 'A Room for Romeo Brass'
Shane Meadows, first-time feature director of the new independent film "TwentyFourSeven," grew up in the Midlands, England. At the age of twenty-five, he had already produced thirty-three short films ....[read more]

Paint It Forward - Eric Rohmer Goes Digital.

It has been four decades since the French New Wave was new, but now, at 82, one of its pioneers, Eric Rohmer, has gone digital. The director shot his latest film, a period piece about the French Revolution, entirely on digital video, which allowed him to use computer technology to recreate 18th-century Paris. ....[read more]

MTV UK pulls The Osbournes

The orgy of bad language, bad hairdos and old-fashioned bad rock that is The Osbournes has been pulled from this weekend's schedules. The fly-on-the-wall series starring Ozzy Osbourne and his family took the US by storm but has been forced out of MTV UK's schedules because of "contractual difficulties". ....[read more]

Gunning for the land of the free (Michael Moore’s “Bowling For Columbine” at Cannes)

TV documentary about the US love of firearms makes history.

The United States was lampooned yesterday for being not so much the land of the free and the home of the brave but a fearful and gun-crazy nation obsessed with violence, in a powerful film that premiered at Cannes last night.

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The Mysterious Phillip Baker Hall .

May 2001 - Danbert writes:
To quote the lyric of a ‘Monochrome Set’ song: “Who is that man ...?” ... I have seen about five films this last month “Magnolia” (dir. P.T. Anderson 2000), “The Talented Mr Ripley” (dir. Anthony Minghella 2000), “Midnight Run,” (dir. Martin Brest 1988), “Hard Eight” (dir. P.T. Anderson 1996) and “Virgin Suicides,” (dir. Sofia Coppola 2000). Now excluding “Virgin Suicides” there is one thing that links these other four films ... and it is the fact that Phillip Baker Hall has roles in those four films. ....[read more]

Bert and Ernie in new gay row

April 2002 writes:
“A new film that features popular children’s television puppet characters Bert and Ernie as gay lovers has reignited a row with the show’s makers; Sesame Street may sue.

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Film About Deaths in Police Custody Prompts the Cops to Try and Suppress it ...

Threats of legal action from the police have prompted the makers of 'Injustice', a new film about four cases of death in custody, to conduct guerrilla screenings across the UK. Adrian Cooper reports

Sight and Sound - October 2001  

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Star Wars as a blueprint for George W. Bush’s ‘War on Terror’?

“The violence is largely sanitised and uncannily bloodless; furthermore, we are spared seeing the consequences for ordinary citizens of large-scale warfare and the violent overthrow of the galactic civil authority. Thus, Lucas pits incomprehensible evil against manifest good in an inevitably violent, if hygienic, conflict where good triumphs.”

Danbert writes: Not unlike the way Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush have described their war on terrorism in Afghanistan ... We have seen few, if any pictures of the devastation and the hundreds of civilians that died as a result of the US bombing of Afghanistan ... we have seen choice prime time footage of smart bombs magically hitting their targets (though it is thought that only one in ten smart bombs actually do hit their targets) ... whatever you think about Star Wars the movies: escapist drivel or simplistic fairy tales you gotta question the Lucas morality ? ....[read more]

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