Saturday, June 01, 2002

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‘Brass Eye’ and humour as a weapon of indeterminate size

to celebrate the release of “Brass Eye” on video and DVD in the UK (May 2002) we reprint a couple of articles outlining its genius as spoof documentary TV taken to new levels ... Will Self talks about the morality and humour of duping 'real' people into fake broadcast scenarios and Euan Ferguson tells how Government Ministers jumped on the moral bandwagon to condemn the programme, only to admit they hadn't even watched it....[read more]

Ever Wondered what Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld get up to Behind Closed Doors? has the answers ...

You know those three cartoon Disney ducks, like Donald Duck’s cousins or something who make cameo appearances when Uncle Donald is star billing ... they tried giving then their own show a coupole of times but it never really worked ... what were they called now ???

Dick, Donny and Dubya!

Yeh maybe that was it ... ... Anyway somebody gave em a show on cable and they’re freakin’ everywhere now ....[read more]

Biotic Baking Brigade strike again!
Just after noon today, Fine Gael leader Micheal Noonan, received what must have been a much needed sweet and sloppy snack, courtesy of a kindly custard thrower, as he shook the hands of local people in Boyle, county Roscommon.

....[read more]

Sporting Personality of the Year.

We’ve always admired a merry prankster, and during April 2001, one of the year’s most memorable sporting moments came when.......[read more]

Mark Thomas gets in hot water for offering a “Bounty for Bush?”

My own contribution to the war on terrorism is to promise my New Statesman earnings to anyone who'll kill Bush  

by Mark Thomas - New Statesman (U.K.) - March 04, 2002  

.....[read more]

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