Saturday, June 01, 2002

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Viva la Republic! Pagan images of the last Queen of the British Isles by her indigenous subjects..
A Jubilee exhibition in which her Majesty is the subject, featuring works from Genesis P-Orridge, Jamie Reid, Banksy, Andy Watt, Fiona Banner, Brian Jones, Tim Flitcroft, Josie McCoy, Jasper Joffe, Gary O'Dwyer, Tai Shani, Little Richard/Richard Torry, Mike Dawson.....[read more]

Jon Langford - “The Death of Country Music”

Perhaps more known for his simultaneous careers as a punk rocker and an crooner Jon Langford also creates the art work for album covers, and shows his paintings and stone carvings around the country. In Nashville, one of his exhibitions called The Death of Country Music, rendered the forgotten heroes of Country Music (one of America’s truly original art forms) on canvas and in carvings on pink granite headstones ... eg “Hank Williams Signs His Contract”. ....[read more]

Jane and Louise Wilson video installation at Serpentine Gallery, London October 1999

danbert nobacon writes:
I have never much been one for video ‘art’ so to speak, but this exhibition changed my mind. The exhibition features three of the recent bodies of work by the Wilson twins, entitled Stasi City” filmed in the former East German secret police headquarters; “Gamma” filmed in the now defunct U.S. Nuclear base at Greenham Common, England; and “Parliament (A Third House)” filmed in both Houses of the British Parliament. read more]

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